The fear of collapse in the import-export trade

Due to the orders of Indian customs authorities, traders fear that ban on the Benapole-Petrapole port will result in a major collapse in import and export. According to an order signed by the Chief Customs Commissioner of India, it is said that Customs officials will be allowed to export each product from India to the truck at Petrapole Port. At the same time, physical testing of trucks from every commodity exported from India will be reduced and allowed to go inside. Benapole Customs Assistant Commissioner Akram Hossain said the Indian customs authorities did not give any letter to them about this. But the dealer and the driver heard this. The trade will be severely damaged due to the introduction of this rule. The concerned people said it would take more time to import goods from India and export goods in Bangladesh.

At the same time, especially in the testing field, the quality of chemical and food products will be lost. Import-export trade will be hampered by this. Besides, it will take time to come to the country’s market by acquiring imported goods from India on the occasion of upcoming Ramadan. The supply of these products will be hampered. Traders said if the government does not solve the problem immediately after the high level of the government, the export trade of Bangladesh will be damaged and the import of products will be hampered. This country will have negative impact on the consumer goods and industry.

According to sources, the country’s largest land port Benapole is imported from India by 5-6 trucks daily. Benapole supplies 80 percent of the raw materials of various industries, including the garment industry. Besides, consumer products are also being imported. Export of various products of the country is by this port. According to customs authorities of India, the import trade will be reduced by half, according to traders. They are currently testing the cause of every truck. Now all the trucks will be tested below all the products. It’s absolutely impossible to test every 5-6 hours of truck loads. As a result, import of imported port imported trucks.

Meanwhile, there are five thousand truckload trucks in the Petrapole Port and the Kalittala parking area of ​​India. The exams are not finished because they will not get the discount. The government fears that the revenue collection of the government will lead to major fall. Traders say that due to the absence of Petrapole Port misuse in India, it may take 15 days to import a product from India to Benapole port. Except for special charges at Petrapole Port, 100% of the merchandise runs this test repeatedly. On one side of the product it will become difficult and the cost of import will increase. Which will affect the domestic market. Ministry of Commerce calls on the government to take urgent steps on this.

Benapole Customs said they officially have not received any letters yet. However, the introduction of this trade will lead to serious threats to import trade. Kartik Chandra, general secretary of Petrapole Port of Staff Association, customs order will have negative impact on trade between the two countries. Especially exports of waste products will be difficult to export.

Motiar Rahman, chairman of the Land Transport Sub-Committee of India-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce, said, according to the agreement signed by Petrapole customs commissioner of India, the C & F Association of Benapole Customs Commissioner, C & F Association has been notified immediately. Some business related offices. He said that if the situation is not settled now, it will be stuck at the trade port. With the Benapole land port, every year 30 thousand crore rupees are completed with India. Every year, the government earns about 10 billion rupees from this port. The revenue target of this year 2018-19 fiscal year is Tk 5,483 crore. 604 crore and 16 million deficit!


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