Prime Minister of the New Year greetings to the Bangladeshis in Australia

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has greeted Bangladeshi people living in Australia. Today, the Prime Minister’s Office of the Prime Minister’s Office, Media Adviser Rosa Stathis, gave this message to the Prime Minister.

Speaking to the Bangladeshi people welcoming the Bengali New Year, Scott Morrison said, “I am glad to be greeted by all those who are celebrating Bengali New Year.” A time to be optimistic about the new year’s past and hope to move forward. Welcome to the Bengali Australians at this time.

I would like to greet everyone for a beautiful and memorable celebration. I wish everyone’s peace, happiness and prosperity.

Scott Morrison, in his message, applaud everyone by mentioning the contribution of Bangladeshis in the country.

I thank the Bangladeshi community of Australia, contributing to making our country one of the most successful multi-cultural countries in the world.”

Scott Morrison said that Bengali Australians are focused on education and hard work. For all of this country, kindness and love are strong. These ideals are cherished in every citizen’s heart. The Prime Minister of Australia greeted the Bangladeshi nationals for a wonderful New Year with warmth of friendship with this thought.

Author: Admink